August 28, 2021

Who Is Liable For A Truck Accident

Who Is Liable For A Truck Accident?

Negligent parties are held liable for truck accidents. The accident may have been caused by the negligence of a company, driver, manufacturer, mechanic, or other party involved with the truck. Furthermore, improper maintenance or defective parts often are the cause of trucking accidents. Commercial vehicles and commercial trucking companies must carry liability insurance. This is similar to insurance requirements for personal vehicles. However, the required amount of liability insurance on commercial vehicle insurance policies is usually more than is required for personal motor vehicle insurance policies.

Policy size is important as it sets the limit on the amount the insurance company may have to pay. Insurance companies will do what they can to assign fault to anyone else to save money. Larger policies mean larger potential payouts. Larger potential payouts mean more incentive for the insurance company to argue over who is liable for a truck accident. Don't let the insurance companies bully you into accepting liability for how the collision occurred or accepting a low settlement offer.

Truck Accident Evidence

The attorneys at Johnson Law use investigative resources, including private investigators and accident reconstruction experts to gather the pertinent facts in order to fully evaluate a trucking accident. Eyewitness statements can be gathered and physical evidence obtained. Sometimes a broken bulb from a headlight that was smashed in the accident and found alongside the road can be the difference between an insurance company accepting or denying liability. The right evidence will show who is liable for a truck accident. Moreover, may times a preservation letter must be sent to the commercial insurance company instructing them to preserve crucial evidence relating to the collision, the driver, and the commercial vehicle. If a preservation letter is not sent to the insurance company, important evidence may disappear.

An experienced truck accident lawyer knows establishing fault early is vital. It establishes and protects the client's right to compensation. Trucking companies are extremely aggressive about surveying and documenting the accident scene. They do so for every major truck crash. Often crash reconstructions and even insurance defense attorneys are immediately dispatched to truck accidents. This is especially true if the crash resulted in catastrophic injuries or death.

Hiring A Truck Accident Attorney

There is no reason to fight the commercial insurance company alone. If you or a family member was hurt in a truck crash, call us for a free consultation. Our experienced truck accident attorneys will conduct our own investigation to uncover the true cause of the collision. Insurance adjusters want to protect their companies. They often deny responsibility for at-fault drivers. Do not let the insurance companies distort who is liable for a truck accident. You deserve justice for the injuries you or your loved ones sustained.

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