July 29, 2016

Finding Closure with a Portland Wrongful Death Lawyer

Some people hesitate to contact a Portland wrongful death lawyer because they think it seems greedy. They don’t want to seem like they are out for “blood money” after a loved one has passed away. People should not feel this way about pursuing their legal rights. When a loved one dies unexpectedly, along with emotional issues, it creates very practical concerns. The loved one contributed money, wisdom, companionship, and more to a family, and now it is gone. Money will never fully replace the person, but it can with some of the practical issues this death created.

Perhaps more important than money, however, is the closure that a wrongful death lawsuit can bring. Because acts of negligence aren’t necessarily criminal acts, the civil justice system might be the only avenue available to hold the responsible parties accountable. It can be a major relief for a family to hear a jury assign fault and punish the responsible party. It won’t bring a loved one back, but it will help a family turn the page and find some closure for their loss.

A personal injury attorney can explain exactly what to expect from this process and can work compassionately with a family during this difficult time. While a lawsuit won’t fully heal the pain of losing a loved one suddenly and unexpectedly, it can help with the grieving process for a hurt family.

At Johnson Law, we know exactly how difficult it can be to love a loved one due to the negligence of another. We care for all of our clients like family, working to help them through this tragedy. We can help you find the closure you need to start this new chapter in your life. To learn more about how a wrongful death lawyer can help with your loss, contact Johnson Law today for a free, private consultation.

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