June 20, 2022

Will Insurance Cover You If You Don't Wear A Seat Belt?

Will Insurance Cover You If You Don't Wear A Seatbelt?

Were you not wearing a seatbelt during your accident? Will Insurance Cover You If You Don't Wear A Seatbelt? Well yes, you can still be compensated when not wearing a seatbelt. However, your compensation may be less. It is important to know, that not wearing a seatbelt does not remove all of an insurance company's responsibility for paying out compensation.

Will Insurance Cover You If You Don't Wear A Seatbelt

The Impact of Not Wearing a Seatbelt on Insurance Claims in Oregon.

Some people hesitate to contact a Portland Oregon Accident Lawyer because they weren’t wearing a seat belt. There may have been serious injuries, but they think they won’t recover anything because they weren’t following the law. This act may affect your payout. Oregon law has specific provisions regarding this issue. This will potentially mitigate damages paid by the at-fault party. However, you can still recover damages.

Even if you weren’t wearing a seat belt, you can still call us for a free consultation. We will listen to your story and concerns. Learn your options and if you have a case.

will insurance pay if not wearing a seatbelt?

Yes, in most states insurance will still pay if you are not wearing a seatbelt at the time of an accident, but the amount you receive may be reduced based on the principle of comparative negligence. This means that if you are found to be partly at fault for the accident, the insurance company will only pay you a portion of the damages you sustained.

Oregon has specific provisions for how it handles contributory negligence in car accidents if you're not wearing a seatbelt.

Contributory Negligence Explained

Let's go over a theoretical. You are not wearing a seatbelt and get rear-ended by another vehicle. They even admit fault. However, video evidence proves you were not wearing a seatbelt. As such, your award can be reduced. The reduction is based on the amount this action contributed to your injury.

In Oregon, 5% is the maximum reduction unless the act of not wearing a seatbelt is a substantial contributing cause of the accident itself.

A Portland Oregon accident lawyer can fight to minimize the amount you may have contributed to your injuries. This can result in a significantly larger settlement or verdict than you would otherwise receive. Even if you were not wearing a seat belt or otherwise may have contributed to your injuries, you should still seek a consultation with a qualified attorney.

Summary and FAQ

Let's go over the important concepts discussed here:

Does not wearing a seat belt affect insurance?

Yes, it can affect both insurance rates and personal injury claims if you're in an accident.

It is important to note that the laws regarding seat belt use and insurance vary from state to state. If you have any questions about how not wearing a seat belt could affect your insurance, you should consult with an attorney in your state.

can I recover damages if I wasn't wearing a seatbelt?

Yes, depending on the state you live in. For example, in Oregon not wearing a seatbelt will max out at 5% of contributory negligence unless not wearing a seatbelt was a major contributing cause to the accident.

What is a Portland seat belt injury lawyer?

A Portland seat belt injury lawyer is a legal professional who specializes in helping people who have been injured in car accidents because they were not wearing a seat belt. These attorneys can help you with a variety of things, including:

  • Investigating the accident to determine the cause of your injuries
  • Filing a claim with the insurance company
  • Negotiating a settlement with the insurance company
  • Filing a lawsuit on your behalf
  • Representing you in court

How Can A Seat Belt Injury Lawyer Help?

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a Portland seat belt injury lawyer:

  • Experience: Our attorneys have experience handling seat belt injury cases and know how to go after all compensation you're rightfully owed.
  • Resources: Our attorneys have access to the resources necessary to investigate your case and build a strong claim.
  • Negotiation skills: Our attorneys are skilled negotiators who use their years of experience to get you the best possible settlement offer they can. We don't win unless you do.
  • Trial experience: Our attorneys are experienced trial attorneys who can represent you in court if necessary.

If you have been injured in a car accident because you were not wearing a seat belt, you do not have to go through this alone. Contact a Portland seat belt injury lawyer today to discuss your case and get the help you need.

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At Johnson Law, we have helped many clients recover damages who were not wearing a seatbelt. We will aggressively fight to hold the responsible parties accountable and work to maximize your compensation. We will work tirelessly to get every penny you deserve after an accident. If you have been injured in a car accident, contact a Portland Oregon Accident Lawyer at Johnson Law today for a free consultation.

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