November 29, 2016

Understanding Motorcycle Accidents

Out of all types of accidents, motorcycle accidents can be the deadliest and can incur the most injuries. An experienced Oregon motorcycle accident attorney is best equipped to handle any type of motorcycle accident and to help the victims recover the compensation he or she deserves.

Motorcycle accidents occur for all different reasons, some the fault of the motorcyclists, but many are the fault of another party. A well-versed Portland motorcycle accident attorney is the best to determine what type of accident occurred and to place the fault on whoever is responsible.

Too often, there are accidents because a motorist is distracted. Sometimes a motorcyclist is in the blind spot of a larger vehicle and the driver of the larger vehicle fails to spot the motorcyclist in time. Oftentimes, negligence plays a roll.

Accidents may occur much like any motor vehicle accident. Sometimes a rear-end collision occurs. Left-turn collisions may occur because a motorist misjudges the distance between their vehicle and the motorcycle or they just don’t see the motorcyclist. In some cases, road hazards cause an accident. Unfortunately, there are times motorists drive impaired and those account for many accidents as well.

If you have been in any type of motorcycle accident, it is crucial to contact an experienced Oregon motorcycle accident attorney who can assist right away. Your lawyer should want to investigate the accident, examine the evidence and help establish a cause of the accident so the person or people responsible will be held liable.

In some cases, a motorcycle manufacturing may be held liable for a defective part or a government or local owner may be held liable for improperly maintained surfaces that could have contributed to an accident. Call today for your free, initial consultation.

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