September 30, 2017

Slip and Fall Injuries – Portland Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have suffered any type of injury on another person’s property, you may have suffered an injury that falls under premises liability. Understanding what type of injuries fall under premises liability is imperative. An experienced Portland personal injury lawyer may be your best resource.

Although these injuries, casually are known as a slip and fall injury, these injuries can be any type of injury that occurs on another’s property. Injuries including, but not limited to, slipping or tripping on another’s property, exposure to toxic chemicals, failure to warn people of any hazardous conditions, improperly maintaining equipment as well as any type of safety or security issues are included. Additionally, these types of injuries include injuries such as dog bite injuries.

Slippery or wet floors, broken or cracked sidewalks or driveways, unprovoked dog attacks or other unsafe conditions may all be the root cause of a slip and fall injury.

While most property owners carry premises liability insurance, the coverage can oftentimes be insufficient to cover damage and compensation in the case of an accident. When that is the case, it is left to the owner to pay the costs insurance doesn’t cover, however it may be difficult to recover that money.

Even where there is good coverage, insurance companies work to minimize their costs.

It is important in any situation where you have suffered a serious injury due to an accident on another person’s property to consult with a Portland personal injury lawyer. Call today and receive a free, initial consultation.

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