October 15, 2016

Seat Belt Safety And Laws In Oregon

Many tragic accidents can be avoided if seat belt laws were used to secure the occupants of a vehicle and seat belt safety was understood a bit more. Oftentimes, when seat belts are used, they may be used improperly, causing greater risk for injury to the occupant. When a lap belt is improperly placed, the force of an accident can cause it to not properly restrain the occupant. As a Portland auto accidents attorney, I see way too many families whose lives have been forever altered due to a preventable accident.

Oregon law requires all passengers to be properly secured with a seat belt or harness no matter where they are seated in a vehicle. Oregon does not have specific laws for rear seating for children except you may not place a rear-facing child safety seat in the front of the vehicle equipped with an airbag. Doing so violates Oregon’s “proper use” of a child safety seat.

Did you know that in Oregon is a state where an officer may pull you over if they notice you are not wearing your seatbelt? So you may be doing the speed limit and following the traffic rules except for wearing a seatbelt and you may receive a ticket.

Children in a rear-facing car seat may only ride in the front seat if the airbag is turned off.  Children must weigh more than 40 pounds and must use boosters until the age of 8 or 4 foot 9 inches tall. In addition, the American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends infants stay rear-facing as long as possible, but at least until aged two.

No matter what the age, it is always important to make sure the seat belt is always properly fastened and lies in the proper position. With child safety seats, officials estimate more than 70 percent of seats are improperly installed.

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