August 24, 2020

Johnson Law's Response to Covid 19

How is Johnson Law dealing with Covid 19?

The pandemic continues, but it has not shut our firm down. Johnson Law has experienced lawyers, but we also have a technical mindset. As of 2019 every employee was already set up to work from home with redundant systems of communication. Using technology to decrease costs and improve client outcomes has been a priority since our inception. Through this pandemic K&J is remaining fully staffed, and very capable to handle your legal needs. Read on to see how.

Using Technology & Digital Documents

Whenever possible Johnson Law already used digital documents. Sometimes things must be done in person though and as such our front desk is open under limited hours for receiving mail and documents. We can also schedule one-on-one meetings with one attorney/client in the office at any time.

Video Conferencing & Support

Prior to the lockdown Johnson Law already allowed for video conferencing. Historically we have used either Skype or Google’s services.

We have a legal assistant ready to help with any technical challenges you may face. Don’t worry if you and technology don’t always get along.

Employee Quality and Care

Every employee of Johnson Law has a dedicated work laptop. This ensures compartmentalization. Unlike firms that were unprepared, we can easily keep all business communications and documents off of personal devices. We are dedicated to ensuring your confidential information remains confidential.

The crisis has shown us how much businesses value their employees. We know our greatest asset is the quality of our employees. As such, we have a long-standing policy of mandating employees to work from home if they feel somewhat sick so they can recover faster and keep the office healthier. Now we are seeing how important that policy is. All employees are keeping their full salaries and benefits as we continue to work to best serve our client’s needs. We know when to be proactive not only in legal matters, but in office policies. Our office began primarily working from home even before the March lockdown, a full week before the governor issued the mandatory stay-at-home order. We will take the same care toward our employee’s health as we will yours during these difficult times.

In-Person Meetings

Appointments may still be made to meet with your lawyer 1 on 1. Our large conference room allows for excess social distancing. We also regularly sanitize all surfaces you may come in contact with and wear quality masks. Mediation has continued as well utilizing the beautiful Orenco Station Park located just a block away from our firm’s main office.

We are ready to handle the challenges of your case just like we were ready to handle this crisis. If you have further questions, it is time to set up a consultation. Call us now to get the ball rolling, there is not cost to you.

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