February 16, 2021

Recovering Damages with a Portland Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Portland Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

When a personal injury claim involves a drunk driving accident it always adds an extra layer of complexity and opportunity to a case. If a driver was impaired during an accident it heavily affects the assignment of fault. Additional drunk-driving laws will come into play. During these times a capable personal injury lawyer can be the exact help you need.

Experience Matters

Only an experienced attorney will be able to properly value your claim. Serious injuries likely require a lifetime of treatment and care. This is in addition to the pain and suffering and general loss of enjoyment in life such injuries can bring. Since a person only gets one chance to settle or litigate their injury claim, they need to make sure that the money covers not only past treatment but any future treatment a person may need for the rest of their life. Once a claim is settled, it cannot be re-opened, no matter how insufficient the settlement amount may be. Therefore it is imperative that a person work with an experienced attorney before signing anything with the insurance company.

We Can Help

If you have been hurt in a drunk driving accident in Oregon, the attorneys at Johnson Law know how serious your injuries can be. We know how frustrating it can be dealing with insurance companies and we understand that these injuries have changed your life. Let us help you through this difficult time while aggressively fighting for every penny you deserve. Our experienced lawyers know how to get you the money you need and rightly deserve. Together we will work to obtain you a brighter future.

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