July 9, 2016

Pre-Existing Injuries and Personal Injury Cases

Perhaps the most important aspect of a personal injury case is proving causation. In other words, the injured person must prove that the injuries they have suffered were actually caused by the accident itself. This can be difficult if there are pre-existing conditions that may have contributed to a particular set of injuries. While these conditions may complicate the case, it certainly does not bar someone from recovering money. An attorney can review the facts of your case and any previous injuries you may have had to determine what kind of impact they may have on your case.

For example, let’s assume someone is involved in a car accident and injures their back. If they had back surgery three years prior, it might be relevant to the case, but the injuries would still stand on their own. Just because someone might have a weak back or be prone to injuries there does not change the fact that a car accident itself was what led to these specific injuries.

Ultimately, a doctor will be needed to testify about your injuries, their cause, and any other factors that might impact your award. A doctor’s medical opinion is vital to the case because they are the only ones who can definitively state just what caused these injuries. A personal injury attorney can make sure that you see a doctor and get the treatment you need immediately after an accident. If you wait too long to see a doctor, it may be more difficult to prove causation and more difficult to ultimately achieve a positive result for your case.

At Johnson Law, we can work to make sure you get proper compensation for your injuries. Even if you have a previous injury that might impact your case, we will work to make sure you get every penny you deserve. For a free consultation with a Portland accident attorney, contact Johnson Law right away.

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