February 18, 2016

Portland Premises Liability Attorney: Do I Have a Duty to Trespassers?

Do I Have a Duty to Trespassers?

Sometimes, a person will trespass onto another’s property and wind up getting injured. The homeowner often wonders, do I actually have a duty to this person? The answer is, yes at least in some cases. While this may be frustrating, it is the law. The exact duty will depend on the circumstances of your case and will vary depending on the facts. A Portland Premises Liability Attorney at Johnson Law can examine your situation and advise you of your level of liability, if any.

In general, property owners have a duty to warn people of potential dangers on their property. This is especially true if the land owner knows there are trespassers on it. For instance, if a person owns a piece of property next to a creek or lake and children cut through the yard to get to this creek or lake, the homeowner could be liable if one of these children is injured on their property.

In general, it is best for homeowners to post warning signs if there are dangers on the property. If the homeowner can fix certain dangers, that is better. As a Portland Premises Liability Attorney, the best way to prevent a lawsuit is to prevent an injury. By taking care to fix dangers on a person’s property, everyone can stay safe regardless of whether they are a trespasser on an invitee.

If you have been injured on another person’s property, a Portland Premises Liability Attorney at Johnson Law can fight to get you the money you need. We will aggressively pursue every dollar owed to you by the negligent property owner. To learn more about how a lawyer will fight for justice, contact Johnson Law today for a free consultation.

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