November 7, 2017

Your New Car May Be Your Biggest Distraction on the Road

From navigation, to entertainment, streaming audio and video, social media, and our general necessity to be interconnected at all time, car manufactures are adding more tech bells and whistles to each new model.  Gone are the days of upgrading to an FM radio or tape deck.  Today’s cars provide a multimedia experience that are a potential danger to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.  The access to information and entertainment at our finger tips integrated into our automobiles can lead to serious and deadly accidents at a rate that is quickly becoming one of the most dangerous scenarios on American roads and highways.

Technology has absolutely changed our lives in positive ways and many people we know would be lost navigating our modern world without it but we all have to stop and think about the consequences of using this technology irresponsibly or dangerously.  In a study publish by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, found that new interactive technology in new model cars can distract drivers for nearly 40 seconds at a time. The study also found that navigation systems drew driver attention away from the road for the longest intervals.  Not only is the correct function of these devices and systems distracting to drivers, but frustration from user error or poor functioning technology gave a significant increase to the driver’s cognitive ability to operate their vehicle safely.

According to AAA President and CEO, Marshall Doney:

“Some of the latest systems on the market now include functions unrelated to the core task of driving, like sending text messages, checking social media or surfing the web — tasks we have no business doing behind the wheel. Automakers should aim to reduce distractions by designing systems that are no more visually or mentally demanding than listening to the radio or an audiobook.”

Source: Is New Car Tech Driving You to Distraction? by Austin O'Connor, AARP, October 10, 2017

If this trend in auto manufacturing continues, anyone has a potential risk for injury from a distracted driver.  If you find yourself injured by a distracted driver, ensure you consult a qualified experienced attorney.  Don’t let another driver’s negligence cause you or your family undue harm and prolonged suffering.  Call the offices of Johnson Law today and find out how we can fight on your behalf.

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