March 19, 2015

New Apps Aim to Stop Texting While Driving

App Stops Texting While Driving?

A new App aims to stop texting while driving. There is a growing recognition that texting while driving is extremely dangerous, leading to awareness campaigns to educate the public on this growing safety issue. Still, for many people, the allure of checking their phone while driving is too difficult to ignore. In order to combat this temptation, app makers have stepped in to create apps that make it impossible to text while driving. The goal of these apps is to help teens and adults remain safe behind the wheel by preventing this dangerous actitivty.

One of these apps is called TXTShield. This app works by running in the background and remaining inactive when the phone is stationary or travelling less than 10 miles per hour. Once the phone detects that it is moving faster than that, it automatically saves the texts and releases them once the phone has reached a safe speed.

Canary is another app that can help prevent texting while driving. This is a good app for parents who can monitor their child’s behavior as they drive, block texts from reaching the phone while driving, and more. For Android phones, it can also autoreply to texts, letting the sender know that the receiver is currently in motion and will respond when they are finished driving.

At Johnson Law, we know how serious the injuries caused by distracted driving can be. Even taking your eyes off the road for a second can be the difference between a close call and a major accident. We encourage everyone to leave their phone alone while driving and focus on the road in front of them. By ending distracted driving, we can prevent thousands of injuries each year. If you have been hurt by distracted driver in Portland, contact a personal injury lawyer at Johnson Law today for a free consultation.

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