May 14, 2016

How Much is My Case Worth?

Many clients, upon first meeting their personal injury attorney, want to know exactly what their case is worth. They hope that the lawyer can give them a dollar number based on their experience handling similar cases. Unfortunately, it is impossible to put a specific number on any case as each one has its own unique set of details. All the lawyer can do is fight to make a person as whole as possible after their particular accident.

People might be frustrated by this response, worried that their lawyer won’t be able to get them the money they need. They may be tempted to try to negotiate on their own, thinking that they can get the same settlement offers an attorney can without paying any fees. While this is certainly the client’s prerogative, studies would indicate that an attorney is generally able to get more for their clients, even when accounting for fees. Specifically, a 1999 Insurance Research Council study found that people who had an attorney received three-and-a-half times more than a person who represents themselves after fees.

This is not a guarantee that a lawyer will get a client more money than they might get on their own, but it shows that a lawyer generally better understands how to value an injury than does a client. This is because personal injury attorneys deal with injuries every day and know what to look for, whereas clients unfamiliar with them don’t.

At Johnson Law, we have helped many clients get the money they deserve after a serious accident. While we can’t put a number on your particular claim, we can explain exactly how we will fight for you and what we will do to achieve the best possible outcome for your particular case. For a free consultation to discuss your injury, contact Johnson Law today.

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