December 29, 2015

Is There Really No Financial Risk for Working with an Injury Attorney?

No Financial Risk for Working with an Injury Attorney

Everyone knows the phrase “no cost unless we collect.” It’s synonymous with personal injury attorneys, but some people worry that it sounds too good to be true. They worry that there may be a retainer or some kind of hidden fee that they don’t know about. But the reality is there really is no financial risk to the client if the case goes south. If a jury rules in favor of the defense or the attorney ultimately decides to pass on the case, the client owes nothing.

This is because personal injury attorneys work on contingency. This means that we get a percentage of the final settlement or verdict. Lawyers also get paid back for money spent on a particular case (things like requesting medical records, paying for experts, etc.). If the attorney loses a case, they simply eat that money and the client owes nothing.

Cases work like this to essentially lighten the load faced by the court. By forcing lawyers to have “skin in the game,” it works as a buffer to weed out bad cases. If attorneys charged a retainer or billed hourly, they may take bad cases just to get some money from the client. This helps keep bad cases from clogging up the judicial system.

This is why attorneys offer free consultations, as well. We want to learn about the facts of your case before we begin spending time and money on it. This consultation gives us an idea of your injuries, the facts of your case, etc. This consultation is valuable for the client and for the attorney alike.

If you have been injured in a car accident, suffered a slip and fall, or some other type of injury, Johnson Law, P.C. can help. We have helped clients throughout Portland get the money they need after an accident. We will aggressively fight to get you every penny you deserve. For a free consultation to discuss your case, contact Johnson Law right away.

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