October 11, 2021

Hit By A Company Car

Hit By A Company Car

Today we go over some information that you should know if you were hit by a company car. First, we should note what a company car is. It should be made clear that a company car is not a commercial vehicle. Basically, company cars/vehicles are for a company's employees' transportation and work. A commercial vehicle is for the transportation of goods. Let's go over some definitions.

Commercial Vehicle

"Commercial vehicle means a motor vehicle constructed for the conveyance of goods or merchandise, or for the conveyance of materials used in any trade, business, industry, or work whatsoever, other than a motor vehicle for the conveyance of passengers, and includes any motor vehicle that is designed primarily for the carriage of persons, but which has been fitted or adapted for the conveyance of the goods, merchandise or materials referred to, and is in fact used for that purpose"

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Business Vehicle (Company Car)

"Business Vehicle means a car, bus, van or other motorized unit which is owned or leased by an employer for the use of employees."

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hit by company car

What Happens If A Company Car Hits You?

If a company car hits you, and they were at fault, the at-fault driver and their relevant insurance will be liable for the damages from the accident. Being a company vehicle implies that the company supplies the vehicle, maintenance, and insurance for said vehicle. That is why many companies may be hesitant about giving out company vehicles. A few bad drivers could severely increase the potential insurance costs of an entire company.

If you were hit by a company car and their insurance isn't cooperating, you may need a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer fights back against the insurance company. They take a fraction of the final award for their services and take no money up-front. This allows normal people to obtain needed representation when they wouldn't be able to otherwise. Especially in financially distressing situations.

Business vs Personal Car Insurance

Businesses buy business car insurance plans for their vehicles. These can be very different when compared to a personal car insurance policy. One of the biggest ways they are different is in the size of the deductible. The company could be stuck paying large sums out of pocket because of how they chose to structure their vehicle insurance. This was a decision they made to save money. Another decision they may make to save money is by refusing to fairly settle your injury claim. If you are in this situation, consider consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney. Johnson Law knows how to go up against greedy insurance companies and businesses alike.

Who Pays If You're In An Accident In A Company Car?

Who pays what and when comes down to the specifics of an accident. Talk to one of our experienced personal injury lawyers to learn more about who will pay what and when in your matter. We can answer your questions about personal injury protection provisions, liability, medical bills, and more.

At the very least you need to know about Personal Injury Protection (PIP) in Oregon. This is an incredibly important but often misunderstood part of insurance.

Who Pays The Insurance On A Company Car?

The company that owns or leases the vehicle pays for the insurance on a company car. Company cars should be carrying a business auto insurance policy. This insurance is different from normal personal vehicle insurance. You likely have a provision in your normal personal vehicle insurance that specifically states the insurance does not cover incidents occurring when the vehicle is being used for commercial purposes.

Personal Injury Lawyers

If you or a loved one were in a crash with a company car we may be able to help. If you were injured through no fault of your own you deserved compensation. Insurance companies don't want you to hire a personal injury lawyer. Insurance companies don't need to be richer, but you do need to recover from your injuries. Call us today to talk to an experienced attorney. We offer free case reviews and there is no fee unless we recover money for you! This is a rare win-win situation.

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