September 3, 2017

Fighting For Drunk Driving Victims

Our Portland personal injury lawyers fight for drunk driving victims who have been injured because of the carelessness of another driver. We work to recover appropriate compensation due them to help offset costs from the injury.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, between 2003 – 2012, there were 1,232 people killed in crashes involving a drunk driver. About one in three traffic deaths in the United States involve a drunk driver. Despite efforts, drunk drivers continue to get behind the wheel millions of times. If you or your loved one has been a victim in a drunk driving accident, it is crucial to seek counsel from a Portland personal injury lawyer. 

Did you know that in 1987, sobriety checkpoints were declared unconstitutional in Oregon and therefore the police cannot setup any sobriety checkpoints within the state? This does not help law enforcement officers to fight drunk drivers and alcohol and drug impairment continues to be a factor in many crashes throughout Oregon.

Many people think of drunk driving an alcohol-only issue, but those laws include all driving under the influence. This encompasses driving under the influence of any type of controlled substance or any prescriptions medicines known to cause issues driving.

Obviously a driver driving drunk may be held responsible for an accident they cause, but other people may also be held liable.

Anyone who allows a family member or friend to borrow their vehicle, even though they know or should have known the person was impaired can be held liable for a crash of the drunk driver.

Secondly, anyone who knowingly serves or allows alcohol to be served to underage drinkers can also be held responsible. This could include bartenders or even parents serving of-age young adults.

Finally, any establishment that continues to serve a patron even though the patron has had enough to drink can be held liable for a crash after that person has left the establishment.

If you or your loved ones are drunk driving victims or have been injured in an impaired driving accident, it is vital to discuss your situation with a Portland personal injury lawyer today. Call for your free, initial consultation.

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