December 21, 2014

Can a Portland Personal Injury Lawyer Quickly Settle My Case?

Quickly Settle My Case

People understandably want their case resolved as quickly as possible. Lawsuits are frustrating and time consuming, so people just want to get it over with. Unfortunately, there is no way to immediately settle a case fairly. In some rare cases, it may be possible to quickly resolve it, but the vast majority take time to resolve. A Portland Personal Injury Lawyer will work to move your case along as quickly as possible while making sure you don’t accept an unfair settlement.

The Importance of a Portland Personal Injury Lawyer Examining your Case

When a person is injured, there are a variety of damages, both economic and non-economic. In order to be made whole from your damages, it is important for a Portland Personal Injury Lawyer to examine your case to identify all the damages that apply. When a person tries to handle a case on their own, they often overlook non-economic damages or future medical treatments that can result in thousands of dollars of compensation. Before signing anything, take advantage of the free consultation to speak with an attorney about your injuries. Don't be left thinking "I wish I didn't quickly settle my case".

At Johnson Law, we know that the injured person wants this matter resolved as quickly as possible. We will work to move a case along while focusing on getting your fair compensation. While ending this quickly seems important, it is far more important to make sure that any settlement amount fairly compensates you for all of your injuries.

If you have been injured in an accident, the attorneys at Johnson Law will fight for you. We will force the insurance company negotiate in good faith and do everything possible to see that you are made whole after your accident. To speak with a Portland Personal Injury Lawyer about your injuries, contact Johnson Law right away for a free consultation.

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