Side-Impact (T-Bone) Car Accidents

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Personal injury attorneys can help with side-impact car accident claims. T-bone or side-impact accidents often result in severe injury for the car which had its side crashed into. Cars are designed now so that the front sections crumple upon impact. The sides of cars have less room for these crumple zones. Safety features like side airbags help, but they can only do so much. The height difference between vehicles can also be very important in a T-Bone accident. Commercial vehicles like large trucks are often much taller than small passenger vehicles, and this results in the passenger vehicle being crushed underneath the larger commercial vehicle. In this situation, the driver's compartment of the small passenger vehicle may be completely compromised and fatal injury may occur.

Liability In T-Bone Car Accidents

In rear-end collisions, it is generally presumed that the driver of the rear-ending vehicle is at fault for causing the crash. Liability is more difficult to determine in side-impact collisions. These accidents almost always occur when one vehicle has failed to properly yield to another vehicle. Some examples of these collisions are when one vehicle has a flashing yellow arrow and another vehicle has a green through light. Another example is when one vehicle has a green turn arrow and another vehicle blows a red light.

Auto insurance companies have been known to try and blame the other vehicle for some, or all, of the accident for any plausible reason. Moreover, at-fault drivers and their insurance companies sometimes try to place part of the blame on the innocent and injured party by saying they should have swerved faster or braked harder when the at-fault party came out of nowhere. While these arguments can be overcome, they can cause issues for innocent parties needing to have their vehicle repaired following a collision.

Moreover, sometimes they try denying liability or fault completely by arguing over who had the right of way or who had the green light. In these cases, witnesses or traffic cams are often very valuable for determining liability. It should not be assumed that simply because you were injured in a side-impact collision while driving normally and following the traffic laws the other driver’s insurance company will accept responsibility and reasonably compensate you for your injuries.

Insurance companies are adept at defending side-impact accident cases. This is why it is important to consult with a seasoned personal injury attorney at Johnson Law, P.C. as soon as possible after you are injured. We may be able to help.

Passenger vs Driver-Side Collisions

Side-impact collisions as a topic cover both passenger and driver-side collisions. Driver-side collisions are guaranteed to have an occupant resulting in a higher chance of injury. In passenger-side collisions with no additional occupants, the passenger side acts as a crumple zone that can protect the driver. For optimal safety the center seats in a vehicle are ideal. This is why it is often advised that car seats be positioned in the center rear seat rather than either the driver or passenger side. At the worst, studies have shown no difference between the safety of the seating positions. At best, studies have shown a significant decrease in the chance of severe injury by being in the middle seat.

Irregular, or Sporadic Treatment

Did you know that delayed, sporadic, or other irregular treatment could harm your case? Often you don't know what actions will help or hurt your personal injury claim. Obtaining treatment promptly and regularly helps prevent insurance companies from undercompensating you. Recovering from your injuries is a difficult and important process. That is just one of the reasons why it is beneficial to retain a personal injury attorney. An experienced side-impact accident lawyer will help you focus on recovering.

We handle fighting the insurance companies and other work involved with personal injury matters. We always try to find win-win situations for our clients, where you end up with more money in your pocket. Don't harm your claim by delaying. Contact us for a free consultation to make sure your interests are being protected.

Injuries From Side-Impact Car Accidents

The injuries in a side-impact car accident highly depend on whether you crashed into the side of a car or had a car crash into the side of you. Injuries to the driver who was T-boned are often severe. Crushing injuries happen to the arms and legs. Traumatic brain injuries occur either from direct impact with a window or violent whipping of the head from side to side. Broken arms, wrists, and shoulders are also very common. Broken femurs are some of the most life-threatening injuries as the femoral artery can be at risk.

Side-impact collisions can also trap people in their vehicles during an accident. Unlike a rear-end or head-on collision, the actual doors of the vehicle are directly damaged in a side-impact collision. The passenger compartment is likely partially compromised in these accidents. The vehicle that crashed into the side of the other vehicle may also end up preventing egress from the damaged vehicle. In these accidents, injury or death from a fire can happen.

Causes Of Side-Impact Car Accidents

Side-impact accidents happen for many reasons. One of the most common reasons is that a vehicle ran a red light or stoplight. There is little time to react in these situations and the collisions are often at full speed. It should be noted that almost all t-bone accidents occur at intersections.

Another common cause of side-impact collisions is when a vehicle improperly turns perpendicular to another lane of traffic. For example, when a car has a yellow turn light at an intersection and proceeds without noticing a car to which they should have yielded. Left-hand turns make it difficult to see out of the right side of your vehicle, sometimes resulting in a collision.

Oregon also has a large timber and farming industry. Large commercial vehicles pull out from side roads onto highways. When done improperly, the result is essentially a passenger vehicle driving directly into a wall where the large commercial vehicle is the wall. No crumple zone or bumper from the commercial vehicle is engaged to help mitigate the force of the crash.

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