August 21, 2016

Working with an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney

When a person is injured on their motorcycle, the often face months upon months of treatments. Because the motorcycle offers so little protection against a vehicle, when the rider is struck they take the full impact of the accident. Because these injuries are so serious, the injured party needs to contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney immediately in order to ensure they get the compensation they deserve. This way, they can be made as whole as possible after an accident.

By contacting a lawyer immediately after an accident, the injured party can be sure that their case will make sure that a person does not settle for far less than they deserve. Because the injuries are so serious, it is important not to accept an insurance company’s first offer. They will often step in with an amount that is far too low hoping that a person is unaware of just what they should get. By retaining an attorney immediately, an injured person can force the insurance company to deal with a lawyer instead of trying to close the case as quickly as possible.

Because motorcycle accident attorneys deal with these injuries on a routine basis, they know how to properly value a particular claim. In many cases, the injured person or their family does not know exactly what their case is worth or what should be fair. A lawyer knows exactly what type of damages the person has suffered and knows just what should be fair. This is important because an injured person has only one chance to settle their case. Once it is settled, the amount will need to last them a lifetime.

If you have suffered an injury while riding your motorcycle in Portland or anywhere in Oregon, contact Johnson Law today. Our injury attorneys have helped many clients who have suffered serious, life-changing injuries due to the negligence of others. For a free consultation regarding your injuries, contact Johnson Law today for a free consultation.

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