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Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury due to the fault of another, help is available. Our attorneys know how to navigate Oregon's brain injury laws. We use our experience gained over years of successfully handling personal injury matters to help you deal with the insurance companies and the at-fault party. One of our traumatic brain injury lawyers can advise you of your rights and can help you get the settlement you deserve.

Definition of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Traumatic Brain Injury, often referred to by its acronym TBI, is an injury that affects how the brain works. TBI can result in severe disability or death. It is of such concern that the CDC tracks these types of injuries. A TBI can be life-changing or life-ending. We have found that personal injury lawyers are most important in cases involving catastrophic injury, and TBIs can be about as catastrophic as injuries get.

Traumatic Brain Injury Malpractice Attorney

Many brain injuries are the result of car accidents, but many others are the result of medical malpractice. These injuries are often caused by insufficient oxygen being supplied to the brain. When a patient is sedated, an anesthesiologist is responsible for maintaining proper blood-oxygen levels. A medical malpractice lawyer from Johnson Law can help navigate the difficult claims process and help you receive fair compensation in these cases. Malpractice Insurance attorneys can sometimes fight hard, but so do we.

TBI Overview

A traumatic brain injury is usually the result of a blow to the head, rapid acceleration/deceleration of the calvarium (top part of the skull), or a penetrating head injury. Whatever the cause of the injury, the result is the disruption of normal brain function. Recovering from a TBI can be difficult to impossible. Life-altering symptoms range from seizures to death. Oregon personal injury law is there to handle these types of accidents.

Traumatic Brain Injury Examples

  • Falls
    • In older adults falls present a significant risk for traumatic brain injury. A slip and fall at a business could easily result in a TBI.
  • Motor Vehicle Crashes
    • The extreme acceleration and de-acceleration in a car crash can cause the brain to bounce around the skull. This is like when a football player gets a concussion from a hard hit. Even a minor concussion is considered a TBI.
  • Child Abuse
    • Children under the age of 4 are more susceptible to brain injuries from abuse. Abuse from a parent or child-care provider can easily result in a TBI
  • Penetrating Injury
    • An object or piece of the skull can penetrate the brain directly to cause a TBI. Injuries to the temple are particularly susceptible as the temple is where four bones of the skull fuse together.

Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery

Recovery from a TBI high depends on the severity of the TBI. There is extensive literature showing that even a minor TBI can have permanent effects on cognition, balance, and visual acuity. It should be noted that once you have had one TBI you are more susceptible to future TBIs and accompanying symptoms.

A moderate TBI recovery will involve significant time/effort. Treatment could include surgery, occupational/physical therapy, speech/language therapy, and psychological therapy. Brain function could be returned to near-normal levels.

Severe traumatic brain injury recovery highly depends on what part of the brain was damaged. Normal brain function will not return, but the brain is resilient and various levels of recovery are possible. However, severe TBI has a significant chance of resulting in increased mortality. Damage to the brain could impair the normal operation of the body, leading to early death. Research is also ongoing regarding how TBI is linked to degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

The road to recovery from a TBI is long and expensive. Receiving a fair settlement that will cover all medical bills, past and future, is very important. Some insurance companies will try to take advantage of people going through this horrible time in their lives. The personal injury lawyers at Johnson Law are here to prevent that from happening. We will work to take away the stress from the claims process so you can focus on what matters your treatment and recovery. Call for a free consultation to get your questions answered.

Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms

TBI symptoms include sensory problems, emotional changes, behavioral changes, communication problems, cognitive problems, executive functioning problems, seizures, headaches, vertigo, infections, altered consciousness, and more. We as humans are complicated, and our brains are who we are. TBI symptoms can vary widely. An experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer will know what types of symptoms to look for and how to properly document them.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms following an injury-causing event, please seek immediate medical attention.

Laws For Traumatic Brain Injury

Oregon personal injury law covers claims involving traumatic brain injuries. Determining fault is important in any personal injury matter. Some states are considering extra laws covering training for professionals who oversee activities with a higher chance of TBI. This would include people such as trainers and coaches for sports.

The Traumatic Injury Act was a federal law passed in 1996. Mostly it funded and directed federal agencies to research TBI. The law has been amended and reauthorized by various subsequent congresses. However, state law covering personal injury matters is the most likely relevant law regarding TBIs for individuals looking for financial compensation/recovery.

We Can Help

Our attorneys know how brain injury law works in Oregon and Washington. We use our experience gained over years of successfully handling personal injury matters. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury due to the fault of another, help is available. Call us at 971-205-3266 to be immediately connected with an award-winning attorney. If we can't immediately connect you with an attorney we will schedule a free consultation during a time that works best for you.

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Example Results

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Reed Johnson obtained this result for a client who had neck and shoulder surgery caused by the negligence of a trucking company.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Justin Johnson obtained this result when advocating for a client in a T-bone collision that resulted in a traumatic brain injury.

Car Crash

Johnson Law obtained this result for a rear-end collision that resulted in a neck injury requiring surgery.

Car vs. Moped

Justin Johnson obtained this result for a client in a non-contact car vs. moped incident resulting in a broken ankle.

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