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After successfully litigating hundreds of cases, I know what to expect from insurance companies. I use the knowledge and experience gained to maximize my client's recovery. A severe personal injury claim affects more than just your pocketbook, every aspect of your life is touched. My firm strives for compassionate representation through every step of your personal injury case.
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A trusted car accident lawyer is ready to handle your case in Tigard, Oregon. If you are not sure of what to do next, we can help. Car, bike & semi-truck accidents are traumatic experiences that can turn your life upside down in a split second. The repercussions of a car collision can leave you unable to work while at the same time facing sky-high medical bills and vehicle repair bills. In-car accidents ranging from catastrophic injuries to less severe rear-end crashes resulting in whiplash, the car accident lawyers at Johnson Law, stand ready and able to assist you or your loved ones in their time of need.

Why Do Oregonians Pick Johnson Law,?

There are many reasons as you can see in our reviews, but there are three key reasons:

Positive Results

We enjoy pointing to our record of obtaining favorable case results for hundreds of clients over years of work. No recovery, no fee. We only get paid if you get paid.


Our attorneys will always take the time to discuss your matter in detail as they care deeply about client well-being. That's also why we modified our contingency fee structure to ensure medical bills are paid first! A simpler contingency fee structure does not do this. This means more money in your pocket!


Trust is built through evidence and personal interactions. Our history of positive case results helps build trust, and once you speak with one of our lawyers you'll see why people trust Johnson Law,.

Convenient Locations for Tigard Residents

With offices in both Hillsboro and downtown Portland, we have multiple options to serve our Tigard clients. The personal injury lawyers at Johnson Law, offer free consultations for victims of car accidents who were injured through no fault of their own in Washington County Oregon. In your time of need, it is imperative that you find an experienced and aggressive advocate to hold the insurance company accountable for your injuries.

Car Accident Prone Roads in Tigard, OR

Highway 99W

Highway 99W cuts through the heart of Tigard and has been a major sight of fatal accidents in Tigard. At least 10 fatal accidents have taken place within the last 15 years.

Beaverton-Tigard Freeway

Multiple fatalities have also taken place on the section of the Beaverton-Tigard Freeway running through Northeastern Tigard. One fatality is shared with 99W as the accident occurred where the two intersect.

The personal injury lawyers at Johnson Law, have handled hundreds of car accident cases for folks in Tigard, Oregon and the greater Portland metro area. We know how important it is to take immediate steps to document a personal injury car crash case. This includes sending out private investigators to take witness statements, checking the scene for physical evidence, and surveilling the general area to locate any potential video evidence. A crash scene investigator may be dispatched if skid marks are still visible.

A property damage expert may be sent to the tow or insurance yard to thoroughly document the damage to the vehicles. These steps can only be taken if you reach out to the Tigard car accident attorneys at Johnson Law, immediately for a free consultation after being injured in a car accident. Do not delay because time is of the essence.

Useful Information - Tigard Personal Injury

Here are some quick facts that are useful if you have had a car accident in Tigard Oregon.

Washington Circuit Court Information

Address: 145 NE 2nd Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97124

Hours:   Monday – Friday | 8 am – 5 pm

Telephone: (503) 846-2887

Calendar: https://publicaccess.courts.oregon.gov/PublicAccess

Medical Centers:

Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center, Providence Medical Center, The Portland Clinic-Tigard, Various Urgent Care Facilities

General Phone Numbers

Police Non-Emergency - 503-629-0111

Tigard Police Department (Records Unit) - 503-639-6168

Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue - 503-649-8577

Towing Companies

Happy Towing LLC - (971) 724-8584

American Eagle Towing LLC - (971) 506-8595

We Can Help, Contact Us Today

Do not hesitate to pick up the phone and schedule a free in-person consultation so that you can better understand your legal rights. We are dedicated to the proposition that every victim of a car accident should enjoy the counsel of an experienced car accident lawyer. Free consultations are available at any of our office locations. Also, our attorneys are more than willing to do an initial consultation over the phone. Remember, "No recovery, No fee". We only get paid if you get paid.

Insurance companies want to settle your case for pennies on the dollar. Do not let them. Let the car accident lawyers at Johnson Law, start helping you now. Call Johnson Law, today at (971)-205-3266.

We are proud of the results we obtain for clients

“They were awesome advocates for me. When the insurance company tried to stonewall and badger me I turned to them and..."

S.H. - Client

“He did an incredibly thorough job with litigation and stayed in touch during the process. He was able to win both my recovery..."

G.R. - Client

"Great aggressive attorney. Justin always had time to talk with me and answer my questions. He allowed me to focus on..."

Keri - Client



Example Results

Trucking Collision

Reed Johnson obtained this result for a client who had neck and shoulder surgery caused by the negligence of a trucking company.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Justin Johnson obtained this result when advocating for a client in a T-bone collision that resulted in a traumatic brain injury.

Car Crash

Johnson Law obtained this result for a rear-end collision that resulted in a neck injury requiring surgery.

Car vs. Moped

Justin Johnson obtained this result for a client in a non-contact car vs. moped incident resulting in a broken ankle.

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