How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

When you're injured you need to know how much does a personal injury lawyer cost? We have the answers you're looking for!

There are no out-of-pocket costs. Our personal injury lawyers cost nothing upfront and only earn a contingency fee after we win for you. Johnson Law is proud to take the extra step of excluding existing medical bills when calculating any fee earned. It's part of our mission of providing compassionate advocacy.

An Oregon personal injury attorney is a lawyer who guides you through the personal injury claims process and helps you recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and impact on your life when you have suffered a personal injury due to the carelessness or negligence of another person. Recovering compensation for you sometimes means negotiating a settlement and sometimes it means litigating against the insurance company.

How much a personal injury lawyers costs is affected by how your case proceeds. In some cases clients get to keep all settlement funds and the attorneys fees are paid by the opposing party.

Our Fee Structure

No upfront cost, and we only earn a fee if we win for you.

Johnson Law, P.C. Uses a Contingency Fee Structure

The Contingency Fee Agreement outlines that the fee is not paid until the completion of your claim and it is only paid if the attorney recovers money through a settlement or judgment. Call us to learn more or continue reading this page.
Personal Injury Lawyer Cost

Are There Up-front Costs?

There is no upfront fee to retain a personal injury attorney. Personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means that they only get paid if they recover something for you, and then the fee is based on a percentage of the recovery. Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, but that doesn’t mean their fees are all the same. At Johnson Law, our fee is one-third of the total amount recovered after any outstanding medical bills have been taken care of. This means that our fee is less, many (and often all) of your medical bills are paid, and you receive more money. This is one of the things that makes us different, as many personal injury attorneys will charge this 33% fee regardless of whether you have outstanding medical bills. Ask any personal injury attorney you speak with to discuss what does or does not come out of the settlement or judgment before the contingency fee is calculated.

How Much Does Trial Cost?

Almost all attorneys take a higher fee if the case requires an arbitration or trial. At Johnson Law, P.C., the fee will be 40 percent of the recovery. Once again, this number is calculated after any outstanding medical bills have been settled.

Contingency Fee Agreement

This information is all outlined in the Contingency Fee Agreement, which is the document that spells out the attorney-client relationship, the scope of representation, and the attorney fee. At Johnson Law, P.C. we have tried to draft our Contingency Fee Agreement such that our clients are fairly compensated and receive a higher financial recovery. This is part of why we continue to get great reviews.

Before you sign the Contingency Fee Agreement, it’s important that you understand the entire agreement. At Johnson Law, P.C. we will review the Agreement with you paragraph by paragraph to make sure it is clear.

The Contingency Fee Agreement outlines that the fee is not paid until the completion of your claim and it is only paid if the attorney recovers money through a settlement or judgment. When funds are recovered, they are placed into the Attorney Trust Account where they must sit for 10-15 days. When the funds are disbursed, you will have the settlement breakdown explained to you in detail. At Johnson Law, P.C. we will walk you through the entire distribution and we will give you a Disbursement Letter that outlines the total recovery, repayment of any know medical bills, the attorney fee, and costs, and your distribution.

Call for your free consultation where you can speak with an experienced personal injury attorney at Johnson Law, P.C. about your case.

Do lawyers get paid before medical bills?

No, our attorneys do not get paid before medical bills. We operate on a contingency fee basis similar to most personal injury lawyers. However, we only calculate our fee after we win and after your existing medical bills have been paid. This is an important distinction.

Frequently Asked Questions


This depends on your exact situation. You likely have PIP benefits that will apply. We can tell you more during a consultation.


Funds are dispersed from our trust account 10-15 days after receiving a settlement payout.

Is there anyway to set a flat fee so I will know what I am paying up front?

Johnson Law, P.C. does not handle personal injury matters in this way.


It is a reference to our contingency fee structure. If the attorneys of Johnson Law cannot get you a better settlement offer than you got on your own, there is no attorney fee. This is detailed in the fee structure agreement.


Usually funds are dispersed to clients via check. We also like to hand these over in-person when possible.

Can I shop around to get a better deal?

You can consult with multiple law firms to see who is the best personal injury law firm for you. However, we think our fee structure is a great deal.

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