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Multnomah County is the most populous of Oregon’s 36 counties, and as a result its circuit court is tasked with overseeing the majority of the civil litigation in the state. From a personal injury attorney’s perspective, Multnomah County’s demographics and its long history of social progressivism generally result in more favorable jury pools. Because of this, the attorneys of Johnson Law are inclined, whenever possible, to file their clients’ cases in Multnomah County District Court.

Multnomah Circuit Court Information

The public entrance to the Multnomah County Circuit Court House lies on 4th Avenue in between SW Salmon Street and SW Main Street in Portland. Due to the fact that the public is largely channeled through a single entrance and everyone that enters the courthouse has to pass through a metal detector, it’s best to plan on arriving well ahead of your scheduled court proceeding. It is also prudent to bring an umbrella during the rainy season, as the old courthouse’s roof offers little protection to those patiently waiting below.

The Multnomah County Law Enforcement Center (LEC) or Justice Center is located south of the Multnomah County Circuit Courthouse on SW Third Avenue between SW Main Street and SW Madison Street in Portland. There are four Justice Center courtrooms that are primarily tasked with holding arraignments and preliminary hearings in criminal cases. If you are cited for a crime in Portland, it is likely that you will be arraigned on the charges at the LEC.

The Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse for the United States District Court District of Oregon is located literally a stones throw from the Multnomah County Circuit Courthouse, and next to the LEC on SW Third Avenue. The courthouse hears cases filed in the Portland division of the District of Oregon. This means that if a case is filed or removed to federal district court in the Portland metro area, it will ultimately be tried in the Mark O. Hatfield courthouse.

Multnomah County Attorney Information

Multnomah County is riddled with highways and byways that are continually used by an estimated population of 750,000 residents. Consequently, car crashes represent the greatest everyday threat to your health and well-being while residing in this county. Johnson Law's personal injury attorneys have handled numerous injury claims that resulted from car crashes in this county. Portland’s highways are particularly dangerous due to chronic traffic congestion and truly bizarre roadway design. The former is exacerbated by the numerous bridges that span the Willamette River and connect the east side of Portland with the west, in the process creating built in traffic bottlenecks for motorists.

Multnomah County and Portland have collectively made a policy decision to promote bicycling as a mode of transportation. This is no doubt due to the countless Portland residents who use their bicycles as their primary form of transportation everyday. When driving in Portland it is important to pay attention for nearby cyclists, who must be given the right-of-way if their position warrants it, just as you would for any other motorist. Unfortunately, many motorists fail to follow this cardinal rule, and as a result cyclists are all too commonly seriously injured. Johnson Law has represented cyclists catastrophically injured by reckless or careless motorists.

There are several other types of bodily injury claims commonly encountered by the attorneys at Johnson Law. Due to the large number of commercial businesses in Portland that invite the public on to their premises, there are a high number of slip and fall injuries suffered in Multnomah County. Construction injuries are also prevalent in Multnomah County. This is attributable to the rapid rate of residential and commercial construction currently being experienced by most of the Portland Metro area.

Litigating personal injury claims in Multnomah County can be challenging. The circuit court procedures represent many unique challenges that take experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorneys to navigate. The personal injury attorneys at Johnson Law have even recovered attorney fees after litigating bodily injury claims to final award in Multnomah County, allowing their clients to keep the entire amount awarded. Whether it is claim from a car crash, bicycle collision, or other personal injury matter, the attorneys at Johnson Law are always standing by to discuss potential claims that occurred in Multnomah County, Oregon.

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